Whole, half or quarter pigs and cuts, from $120
Get a combo for discount premium Tasmanian wine

Get stuck into some delicious free range heritage pork with a tasty glass of Pinot to match what you are cooking, wine packs we include 3 x Pinot Noir, 2 x Pinot Gris and 1 x Pinot Rose, all great matches to a tasty pork dish.

Wine 6 packs purchased with pork for $120 is 30% off RRP.

Our pigs are bred and raised free range at our vineyard and eat a variety of foods which give them their unique flavour, some of their favourites are crushed grapes left over from winemaking, olives from our olive grove and fresh goat whey (yes like the stuff body builders use) from our local Tongola cheese goat dairy.

We sell the pork by whole, half or quarter at a bargain price of approx $10/kg butchered based on the whole pig weight. If you want a whole hog for roasting or preparing yourself just let us know, we can do most sizes.

Sides (large pack) – $240:

  • Scotch steaks (or shoulder roast) (4kg)
  • Loin chops (2kg)
  • Belly (2kg)
  • Ribs (1kg)
  • Mince (2kg)
  • Leg roast (2-3kg)
  • Hocks (1kg)

Expect at approx 15kg meat.

Quarter (small) packs – $120:

  • Chops (~2kg)
  • Roast (~3kg)
  • Mince (~1kg)
  • Half belly (~1kg)
  • Hock (500g)

Expect at least 7kg meat

Large Pork Pack

Small Pork Pack Options

If you want everything from the animal to get a full side just let us know! Most people skip the heads and bones but they are great for making brawn or bone broth. Note there is some variation based on exact size of the pig but we aim to make sure you get good value and will top up if required. Any issues or questions just let us know.

Feel free to request any changes e.g. swap scotch steaks for shoulder roast or any other special cuts and if you would like the head, trotters or extra skin for crackling let me know.

You can either pickup for free from Bream Creek or in Hobart (by arrangement) or get it shipped cold to any business address in Tasmania, for shipping make sure you add the shipping option prior to payment and include the address you want it shipped to on the order. Delivery is $10-20.

If you have any special requests please email andrew@capebernier.com.au as we can accommodate.

If you are after individual cuts prices are:

  • Shoulder roast (boneless) – $15/kg
  • Forequarter steaks – $15/kg
  • Belly – $25/kg
  • Loin Chops – $25/kg
  • Leg Roast (boneless) – $20/kg
  • Mince – $20/kg
  • Ribs – $30/kg
  • Heads – $10 each
  • Skin – $10/kg
  • Trotters/Hocks – $10/kg