Cape Bernier Wine Club is for our fans who want to ensure that they always receive their share of Cape Bernier wines.

Due to the fact that Cape Bernier is a boutique winery our production is relatively small which means that our wines sell out fast. Becoming a member of Cape Bernier Wine Club ensures that you will always be sent a set of all wines that are released each year. Plus you get other great specials and exclusive access to fantastic wine tastings and wine dinners.

Three Packs of 6 or 12 wines delivered each year

Each year in Spring and Autumn you will be sent a pack of either 6 wines (1 bottle of each of our wines) or 12 wines (2 bottles of each of our wines) that include the latest vintage releases available for Cape Bernier wines plus, just in time for your birthday, Cape Bernier will also send a Birthday wine pack of 6 or 12 bottles plus a gift from Cape Bernier.

All wines packs are sold at 15% off the normal price for wines, plus postage.

Total Cost per year:

  • Three 6 Bottle Packs: $495
  • Three 12 Bottle Packs: $990

If you wish to change the makeup of your wine pack just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate as best we can.

To sign up for a 6 Bottle Wine Club Membership click here

To sign up for a 12 Bottle Wine Club Membership click here

Discounts on any further purchases

All subsequent purchases made by Cape Bernier Wine club members enjoy a 15% discount off the normal price.

Vineyard Tours

Cape Bernier will organize a vineyard tour and lunch every Spring that all Wine Club Members are welcome to attend. We do understand that many interstate members won’t be able to attend at a set time so members are welcome to visit the vineyard any time of the year and you’ll receive the same special treatment. Just let us know ahead of time when you are planning to come so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Wine Tastings and Wine Dinners

Cape Bernier will organize wine dinners and tastings throughout the year in Tasmania and the Mainland. As Wine Club Members you have exclusive access to attend any of these events.


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