Our aim is to produce wines of the very highest quality that express the unique terroir of our site. Great wines are made in the vineyard, and to this aim we develop the character of our wines in the vineyard and then allow these to shine through during the wine making process.

All Cape Bernier grapes are hand reared and handpicked at harvest to ensure the best interpretation of the terroir comes through in the highest quality wines.

Cape Bernier’s Pinot Noir has extensive leaf plucking done during the ripening season to expose the beautiful fruit to as much sun as possible. This explains the full body and silky tannins, plus the beautiful ripe berry fruit flavours of our wine that balance the natural acidity, while the cool climate adds spice.

Conversely, we prefer Cape Bernier’s Chardonnay grapes to be shaded so that the fruit shows more beautiful lean citrus acidity in conjunction with white-peach and honey notes.

Pinot Gris loves Cape Bernier’s terrior. We simply monitor the vines’ canopy and crop levels to ensure the fruit ripens fully. This provides the apple, pear and honey characters balanced by soft citrus acidity.

The cooling sea breezes of our southern location on Tasmania’s East Coast are perfect for sparkling wines, as our average temperatures through the growing season are very similar to those of the Champagne region of France, but our extended season in the warmer vintages enables us to slowly ripen our fruit for table wines. This gives our Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris depth and complexity of flavours. Conversely, in the leaner vintages we can pick earlier and have lean fruit with higher levels of acidity which are perfect for creating our limited release vintage sparkling wines.