Cape Bernier is situated on Tasmania’s east coast overlooking historic Marion Bay. This is an ideal site for genuinely cool climate viticulture as the coastal location and maritime weather patterns ensure a frost-free spring, mild growing conditions throughout summer, and an extended cool autumn ripening period. Our easterly aspect provides extended hours of sunshine while the sea breezes of our coastal location temper the heat of summer allowing our fruit to develop balance and complexity.

The vineyard is laid out with north-south rows to take advantage of the north-facing slope and to maximise the effect of sunshine during growing and ripening.

Cape Bernier’s climate and location dictate the selection of our grape varieties – with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay all perfectly suited to our terroir. Our cool coastal climate ensures an exceptionally slow ripening process and consequently the perfect conditions for our fruit to develop a wide range of characters and flavours. It is this factor which makes Cape Bernier wines so special.

Cape Bernier is now 14 years old – we planted our first vines in 1998. As our vines further establish themselves so does the quality and character of our terroir shine through in the wines. It’s been an amazing journey discovering the true character of Cape Bernier and we hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us through our wines.