Our Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy

Cape Bernier has a policy to only ship in multiples of 6 bottles (6-packs or 12-packs), as the shipping costs for these sizes is reasonable. Consequently, customers can only purchase in multiples of 6 bottles.

At Cape Bernier we use Australia Post logistics to deliver wines to their final destination.

Whilst we care deeply about providing choice and flexibility for our customers, the cost of shipping a single bottle of wine increases the cost of wine for customers by almost 50%. Therefore it is inefficient and unsustainable to ship single bottles of wine.

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We appreciate your understanding.

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  1. Hi Alistair
    Just had our last bottle of the 2008 Pinot Gris with our Melbourne Cup lunch, absolutely fabulous. Probably about at its peak but I really wish we had a few more for special days in summer. Bought it from you at Julian’s on the 2009 open weekend!
    best wishes


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